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BondageUSA Review

Reviewed: 2007-10-12
Quick site rank and complete review of BondageUSA | Categories: Fetish, Softcore

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Our Rating: 74/100

Quality of Content: 15/25

Purchase Value: 14/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 8/10

Content Variety: 8/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 3/5

Originality: 8/10

Navigation: 3/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: no

Downloadable Video: no

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Tour Promises promises one of the world's finest and most diverse portfolios of bondage, fetish and nude photography, mostly unpublished photos never before seen by the public eye.

My Opinion About BondageUSA

I can never resist artistic images of babes and I also can't seem to help loving rope bondage. The collection found on Bondage USA is from a single photographer named Chuck Stevens. There's little information about him or his personal philosophy regarding bondage photography and so I went in search of his credentials. The only thing I came up with is that he's been taking photos for about 20 years. More recently he's published his images in European editions of Playboy and Penthouse and inside his site we're promised fetish models like Chanta Rose and Katsumi.

In the Bondage--USA tour, you can read some brief reviews of his work. However, as I dive into the site I'm not sure that I particularly agree with many of the promotional statements about his photography. Before I get critical about the actual images, let me go over what kind of an experience you get as a member. First off, the site design is amateur. The members' area is clean, and initially I thought that it had a good layout and clear menu, but I began to wonder if the site wasn't more geared to upselling photography prints than toward satisfying members. Still, BondageUSA is very inexpensive and there's some good photo work. What you will not find are movies, though.

Chuck does post a blog, but the only point of it is to provide you with update information. There's little in the way of character or personal opinion in this area. You can expect to get updates six to eight times a month, and I noticed that the site was only recently launched. As a matter of fact, June 22, 2007 seems to be the day when first posted content. I expect that as time goes on, more content will be added and perhaps more features as well. Currently, you'll have to navigate using the menu system. Eventually, I hope that browsing options will be added. There's nothing I'd like more than being able to immediately find my way to the bondage techniques and positions I love best.

Since there are no films, you'll have to love photos to get the most out of this site, which is meant to be erotic more than pornographic. Don't expect to be anything but titillated, here. There is a public gallery with 20 individual photos, a private gallery housing 22 sets, and a bonus gallery with three more sets of pictures. While the site claims that many models are between 18 and 23, I discovered just as many older chicks and MILFs. The bonus section is supposed to feature gal-next-door types, but the moment I see the voluptuous blonde Puma Swede, I know that the bonus section also features chicks that you'd love to be next door but never are.

The photo sets are in colour and in black-and-white. There are between 12 and 35 shots in every set, and you can view them online or download them as a complete set. Surprisingly, the pictures are only an average 864x593 pixels. I expect a hell of a lot larger images than this on a photo-only site. Bondage and suspension scenes are posed. Rope lines seem perfect, chicks are sexy, and there's a variety of locations and situations to tease you. Some of the chicks even use dildos and some are not tied up at all, but rather they're shot bound with cuffs and masturbating or, in the case of Puma Swede, they're caught in the messy act of indulging on strawberry pie.

Images are clear, but like I said, they are smaller than desired. Some of the angles and framing in the black-and-white sets had a definite fashion element to them. However, the lighting in those same sets seemed to lack gusto. The colour pictures were good, but I often felt as if the photographer really didn't have enough experience shooting the body in an erotic way. "Lisa, the Submissive Secretary" was probably my least favourite set. There were too many plain-looking long shots and not enough passion in the framing. A lot of shots were typical, but a few individual images stood out, and often these were in the public gallery.

Final Verdict

Bondage USA is an OK site. I've seen much more vibrant, exciting and erotically charged photos on other sites, though. The collection is too small at the moment, although the update schedule is good, and there will be enough in no time. Still, the site lacks something. Perhaps it needs more character and more passion. In the end, I'm left feeling as if I just ate a bowl of vanilla ice-cream, which is something I enjoy, but it rarely every satisfies me like a slice of Tiramisu.

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User Comments

2008 Oct 21, 08:14, SJ
What is the point of this site ? Dull material and boring girls. Much better content elsewhere. I think the name should be changed to

2008 Oct 20, 21:50, SF
Bondage--usa does not amuse me. While Chuck Steven's photography skills are "not bad" all the lighting and angles looks almost the same in every photo. He makes the pixel of the his photo extra small because he is afraid that other people would download his precious art work and making millions off him while he is still eating cup o noodle while trying to make money off of girls he pays peanuts to. I am not going to waste my time on giving him feedback on his crappy site. All I can say is that the site is dull, has no sense of character and the chicks looks bored even with a dildo in their ass.